3. Laura Brothers

  4. architectureofdoom:

    Montecatini Alto cemetery, L. Savioli, coll. E. Brizzi, D. Santi, 1966-69

    (Source: neueregel, via treecop)


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    (Source: supmag)

  6. aqqindex:

    Daniele Benericetti, The Chair, Circa 1987


  7. Whether here, or in the men walking toward the fields, the grace of the bodies’ bearing is so manifest that it imparts elegance to even the most poorly cut dress and the most patched and baggy overalls. In the backyard, the women cooking, tending the children, carrying water, forever doing laundry or braiding each others’ hair, possess, also, this same grace of the body, which, since so much is demanded of it, has discovered how to achieve by balance what might otherwise require muscular force. Indeed, every posture, every movement is in balance. Even the groups of people - resting and talking in the high heat of mid-afternoon - seem to be “composed” in a painter’s sense, reflecting, in this easy, automatic integration of physical arrangement, the fact that there is no mere gathering together of individuals but rather that these people live together, relate to one another. All this the body carries even into its sleep. The “voyageurs” from distant places, when accorded the traditional hospitality extended to travelers, settle into the corner of the unfamiliar room with such delicate adjustment that they cease to seem strangers at all. 

    (Maya Deren, Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti)

  8. dylan-reece:

    Collaborative work with Carlos Rosales-Silva

  9. Casey Deming

  10. Casey Deming